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Access Control Installation Diagram for Magnetic Lock For a door or gate
One controller(such as GM0103/02/03 ETC.)
Electric lock or magnetic lock)
x1 Power Supply(note: Wiring according to external the bell)
x1 Exit push button
Remote control (such as EB-19)x1 external bell

Waterproof, suitable for use outside
Current Drain: <90mA
Simple programming, easy operation
Can continuously add cards
Keypad locks for 30 Seconds After 10 false entries
Can be connected with door open button and doorbell
Non-volatile memory in power failure
Tamper switch can be connected to security alarm system
Supports 500 users

Whats in the box:
1 x RFID/Keypad
installation Manual
terminal connection cables
mounting hardware

Dimensions: 120Lx76Dx27W (mm)
Operating Voltage: 12VDC
Current Drain: <90mA
Card Reading Distance: Max Distance 6.5cm
Type of Card: EM card,125KHZ
4-Operation Mode: 4 number code Operation(Support 500 users),
4 number code + 4 number code Operation,
4 number code +Card,
Card + Card Operation
Operating Temperature: -20℃-60℃
Operating Humidity: 10%-90%
Weight: 0.41kg
Standard Packing: 25pcs/box
Door entry/exit mode:
Enter the door (1: Input valid PIN code 2: Show valid RFID Card 3: Remote Control)
Out of the door(1: push exit button 2: Remote control)




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GM 0103

Why not control access to your property. These clever wired access control systems are available using combination Keycard-RFID-keypad technology. They are designed for ease of use and are backlit for use at night


retail: $189.00


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