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122*32mm LED display screen,
backlit, English menu interface, name and job number are displayed.
Capable of single or double door control,
standard Wigand 26 bits interface.
Can be programmed and operated offline.
Public and personal message release function.
RS485 communication, connect with management software of 255 sets.
16 alarm clock times can be set and support working day selection,
remote control of any door via software.
Support 2500 users, 25000 records and alarm events.
32 time zones, 8 types of holiday, card validity, card password.
Several kinds of alarm: held open, held closed, Theft, Duress, fire alarm.
Opening mode: card, card password, password, support intimidating password and super password.
Dimensions: 120Lx85Wx18H(mm)
Weight: 160g
255 units can be wired in series

Hardware Management:
History check and data backup function.
Data; Department, education, position, level.
Software combines functions of access control, attendance and personnel.
Suitable for all kinds of working modes, numerical statement function, salary management system
Supports real time image monitoring.
Holiday set , salary and compensation record

Whats in the box:
1 x GM168 Door/Gate Access controller
Terminal Cabling
instruction CD

Technical Specifcations
Working voltage  AC/DC 8~25V
Power consumption <1W
Data saving >10 years (after power failure)
Total records 25000 pieces (adjustable)
Card control 2500 pieces (adjustable)
LCD resolution 122x32 DOTS
Build-in word base 16x16 national class two character base.
Communication mode One RS485
Wiegand 26 port Two
Relay output Two
State input Four
Card reading type EM compatible or Mifare
Induction distance 4---15cm
Networking capacity 255 sets
Working temperature -20℃-70℃
Working humidity 20%-90%
Storage temperature -25℃-85℃
Dimension L120x88x 18mm
Weight 160g




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GM 168

Why not use an integrated approach to access on your property. These clever Access control systems are an inexpensive access control solution capable of controlling up to 2 doors per controller. Network cabling allows these units of be controlled and programmed centrally and allows for real time monitoring These units use RFID technology and can be expanded to use external card readers. They are designed for ease of use and are backlit for use at night. Software for these units can also be purchased


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