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7" TFT LCD display with low power consumption and high definition, no radiation.
Hands-free intercommunication.
Electric-controlled unlocking
Outdoor Monitoring
LED light or IR for night vision.
16 chord melodies for ring.
Installation method: surface-mounted.
Brightness, volume and chroma are adjustable.
One camera can be connected to up to four monitors
It can also support two outdoor cameras to make the visitor can call you from front door or back door.
Picture auto-taking and memory function is available as an option.

Whats in the box:
1 x monitor
1 x outdoor camera
2� mounting brackets
installation instructions
power supply

Technical specifications:
Indoor Monitor
Name : 7-inch color digital liquid crystal module
Pattern: CSD-AT070TN92-V01
Display: 7-inch LED
Mode of backlight: LED
Resolution: 1440(H)  GB 34(V)
Visual range: (up/down/left/right)50/65/65/65
Function of mirror image: up/down/left/right reverse control
Operating voltage: DC 9V-18V
Operating current: DC170mA 10mA
Screen size of LED: 164.9(W)X100.0(H)X5.7(D)(mm)
Size of display: 154.08(H)*86.58(V)(mm)
Visual signal: composite 1.0Vp-p(Impedance of 75EU in accordance with the demand of clients)
Standard of system: PAL/NTSC automatic conversion
Operating temperature: -10℃- +60℃;
Temperature of storage: -25℃- +70℃;
Relative moisture: 10%-95%

Name:Color CMOS
Video Components:1/4 color CMOS
Standard of system: PAL
SYNC: Built-in synchronization
Level Parse Degree:420TV Line
Signal Noise Ratio:>48dB
Minimum illuminate:1.5LUX
Backlight compensation: Automatically
Electronic Shutter:≤1/60Sec
White Balance:Automatically
Gamma correction:>0.4
Video Output: 1.0Vp-p 75ohm
Lens:F=3.6  940 lens
Camera angles: 92 degree
Lens Height: 21.5 0.5MM
Operating voltage: DC 9~+15V
Operating current: DC 110 mA
Power consumption: 1.2W
Operating temperature -40℃  +85℃
Relative moisture 20% 90%
Storage temperature -40℃  +90℃
Storage humidity 15% 95%





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Wired Intercom 7

Our wired video door phone comprises an outdoor camera, indoor monitor and wireless unlock control. You can operate the indoor monitor to communicate with visitors via voice and video, and then unlock the door/gate as required. It is particularly well suited for residential properties where cabling is a practical solution The outdoor camera is easy to install and is powered from the Indoor Monitor. Indoor monitor is fixed. It can be hung on the wall.


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