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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of gate opener do you supply?
The gate openers are supplied in two basic formats: single-arm for a single gate and double-arm for a double leaf gate. Both are the swing gate type. If your requrie the sliding gate style please feel free to contact us about these.
How do the gate openers work?
The gate openers are automatic. Each unit comes with two remotes. This allows the gate to be opened while you are still in the car. The gates can either be set to close again automatically, with a variable time delay, or closed using the remote. In case of power failure, the gates can be opened and shut manually.
How are the gate openers powered?
The gate openers are powered by 24-volt motors. Power is supplied from normal 240 volt mains via a cable through a transformer, which converts it to 24 volts.
What are the gate openers made from?
The body of the gate openers is made from industrial grade UV-protected black plastic. The internal components are a combination of heavy duty plastics, aluminium and steel. The control box circuitry is well designed, robust and easily-installed and programmed.
The gate openers comply with the MED radio spectrum management standards, operating in the unrestricted 415mHz range.
Is there any limit on the size and weight of gate?
Our gate openers will work on gates up to 4.5 metres per leaf and weighing up to 300 kilograms per leaf.
What does each gate opener kit contain?
Each gate opener kit contains:
  • the gate actuator (one or two, depending on whether it is for a double or single gate)
  • a control box (including transformer)
  • two remotes
  • mounting brackets and hardware
  • a detailed instruction manual and DVD
  • warning signs
Can the gate openers be installed by anyone?
Lockmaster gate openers are designed for DIY installation. They come with step by step instructions and most people find them quite easy to install. 
Do you offer any support for DIY installation?
We provide advice to help you install your gate openers. A member of Lockmaster will be available for over the phone advice on 021 320 297. An 0800 number is available for customers who require additional installation advice.
How are the gate openers shipped to my address?
The gate openers are shipped in robust, double-fluted plain labelled cardboard cartons measuring 890x440x180mm. The single arm gate openers weigh 11kg and the double arm openers 17kg. They are normally shipped withinn 3 Days of receiving payment.
What accessories are available?
The following accessories are available:
  • wireless keypads
  • extra remotes
  • back up battery
  • solar panels
  • magnetic locks
  • push button openers
  • warning lights
  • photocells
  • wireless video intercoms
  • etc



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