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TFT-5.6" LCD Color Displayer
2 wire Non Polarity
Unlock Capable
Pinhole camera
RFID/ Keypad capable of accepting up to 480 Cards and Codes
Open mode card, code or card and code
RJ 11 cable for connections
Handsfree Duplex
Night Vision capable
Multiple melodies
Outdoor moniter is fitted with and anti Tamper alarm
Easy installation
Flush Mount moniter

Whats in the box:
1x Monitor
1x Mounting Bracket
1x Outdoor station
1x Rain Hood
Mounting screws
ac/dc Power Adaptor
Instruction Manual

Displayer: 5.6" TFT-LCD
Audio system: Hand-free dual way audio
Effective pixels: 200,000
Minimum illumination: 0.2LUX—F1.2
View angle: 92°
Default off time: 60S
Night vision: LED light
Voltage: DCI5V-850mA supply from adaptor. Power: 2W(standby), 15W(working)
Dimension: Indoor 245WX1 80HX35D(mm) Outdoor 78WX170HX26D(mm)
Outdoor camera reference no.: ODS-9C






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Video/RFID/Keypad combo Flush Mount

Gatemaster is excited to be able to introduce these innovative Video intercom RFID/Keypad access combination systems. Combining two discreet features into one, This low profile unit provides a highly reliable simple system that allows both video intercom communication along with Access control at half the size of two independent systems.


retail: $550.00


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