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Trailer Handbook appendix

1)      Torsion axles are axles that use the memory characteristics of rubber strips to provide a suspension effect on the individual wheels. Be mindful of sideway loading of trailers with this style of suspension. Because They use rubber they are susceptible to bending motions that normal spring suspension may not experience and there is the potential to cause damage if over extended  

2)      Tyres – Obviously pressures are paramount, but having a tyre sit for extended periods especially if exposed can create issues like flat spots, rubber deterioration and hardening which could cause a blowout. Make sure you have inspected your tyres and if in doubt get a professional to take a look. Change your tyres once every 5 years regardless of tread wear.

3)      Bearings – the core of many issues for all trailer owners – your wheel bearings are a critical component to keeping your wheel on its hub. They should be checked at least annually but if you use your trailer often, check them more regularly. Jacking the trailer up and checking for lateral movement in the wheel is a good gauge.

4)      Connections with the Tow tug – make sure your hitch is operational and not damaged. Check any electrical couplings for damage or wear in the wiring or connection terminals – anything less than perfect should be rectified before you hit the road. Check that all lights are functioning appropriately across the tow tug and the trailer.

5)      Brakes – if your trailer has a braking system – ensure you have the appropriate brake controller fitted and understand how to use it

6) Do not operate the trailer in a damaged condition. This is potentially dangerous and may void any warranty.

8) For New trailers

         Recommended best practice First trips. Stop and check the wheel lug nuts after 50-100km and then again at 300km and then again after 1000Km Ensure that they are torqued to 90-120 Ft/lbs and retorque if required Recommended tyre inflation is around 35-44 PSI but is dependant on the trailer load and road conditions.

       .In all other cases best practice is to check the wheel nuts and tyres before every trip.

9)  Our trailers are often fabricated utilizing wet decking timber. This is to Facilitate the easy replacement of broken/ damaged boards when and or if required. This will mean that over time the Trailer will get lighter.


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